Eye Massager: Top Beauty Habits To Commit To In 2021

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Vortix Technology's White Eye Massager
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28 Jan, 2022
Vortix Technology
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Ever since the lockdown, my Insta feed has been inundated with facial wellness and tools. One day I see someone doing a gua sha for a beautiful lymphatic massage and the next day a wellness beauty blowing her cheeks Tommy Dorsey–style to ward off the fine lines. And of course, there are the beauty tools and products that are targeted to me and all those still searching for the elixir of perpetual youth.

No doubt my perception has changed but luckily not enough for me to order online a boatload of youth serums and supplements. No, thank you. For the next 9 months, I’ll be listening closely to my body, and my beauty guru Claire Hodgson - working on holistic face care. This can help lift years of makeup-torture and reveal a firmer skin. I’ll share it here so you too can use the tips and shine in your natural radiant glow. I’m already into my third month and I see noticeable changes in my selfies. So, what’s in my beauty regime for 2021?

#1 Vortix Eye Massager Spa Therapy                                                                               

Beauty Is In Your Eyes

Beauty is about individuality and nothing reflects it more than your eyes. They’re the window to your soul. A woman can make a man fall in love with her eyes (not her bra size as rumored). We talk about the ‘sparkle’ and ‘glitter’ in eyes and yet eye beauty has remained underrated until recent years.

Dark circles and puffy eyes are no friends. It’s a gut-hate relationship with them and women will do anything to hide them - makeup, surgery, oversized sunglasses .. you name it. But why have it in the first place? At the very top of my beauty list this year is eye care.

What looks like a VR headset from a sci-fi blockbuster is in fact the Vortix eye massager. Our eyes are hammed with blue lights all day and cause redness, dryness, and puffiness. Give yourself 15 minutes of ‘me space’ and ‘eye-time’ every night before retiring. All you need to do is switch off, find a quiet place, put the headset on, and get transported to a stress-relieving therapeutic session with spa music (or any music of your choice). Using it for even short breaks at work or home will provide a refreshing experience. A stress-free zen time with an eye massager and better sleep are sure as hell ways to look naturally sexy and younger.

#2 Face Massage With Face Sculpting Roller                                                                    

I’m not the only woman catching on to this trend. My best friend and her friends were constantly pinging me with videos of gua shas and face-zapping tools. During the lockdown I had no chance of going for my regular facial, so I took the plunge and ordered the Skin Gym Face Massager. I finally got the chance to take 30 minutes out of my morning and do a meaningful face rep after my full yoga flow. The massager strokes along the contours of your face and you'll feel it gently kneading and massaging your skin. After a week’s use, I was looking noticeably fresh and glowy in five to 10 mins. Pro tip: A thin layer of face oil will help this bb glide along your skin.

#3 Balanced Diet: You Are What You Eat                                                                       

Last and most importantly, a good diet is a must for a wholesome beauty regime. Make sure to invest some time and money here to find out the best diet for YOU. There’s no one-size-fits-all diet. It depends on your age, build, stamina, and current health. Since 2020 my healthy eating has turned into an obsession and the results are obvious. A good diet will give you better skin, better sleep, and the glow that attracts men, and beautiful women.
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