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Vortix Technology's White Eye Massager

by Vortix Technology

Eye Massager That Says Bye To Eye Bags and Wrinkles

We hear you, You are breaking your sweat 5 days a week, introduced a protein-rich diet to support your wellness game, and drinking herbal tea and green smoothies. You feel good but still not bossin...

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Vortix Technology's Mini Hand Massager

by Vortix Technology

3 Proven Handheld Massagers For Instant Pain & Stress Relief

Handheld gun massagers are the next biggest health superstars. These babies are everywhere - think about the last time you picked up a wellness magazine and didn’t run into a big juicy article on g...

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Vortix Technology's Leg Massager

by Vortix Technology

How does foot spa help improve sleep and reduce stress

Sleep is so essential and yet so elusive. It is vital for our bodies because it helps heal, recharge and destress. A good night’s sleep leaves us feeling refreshed, awake and happy as a clam. But t...

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Vortix Technology Mini Massager

by Vortix Technology

Are neck massagers really worth it?

The other day I casually mentioned to my colleagues how I had enjoyed a good grueling neck massage. To my surprise, I learned that none of them ever had a professional neck massage, This was shocki...

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