How To Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine, Gym, Drugs …

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How To Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine, Gym, Drugs …
Posted on
19 Sep, 2022
Vortix Technology
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Do you ever feel like your energy is drained to the last few notches by midday and you need a quick charge up? If you do, you're not the only one. Many of us have our batteries drained by afternoon. The morning-fresh feeling starts to dissipate around midday and by two or three in the afternoon, you wish you were in dreamland. So, you grab a cuppa Joe and a chocolate bar to add fuel and see the day through. This is a common scenario in the modern world. But why does it happen and how do some people run on full steam all day without caffeine or drugs? Let's find out.

Common Reasons That Causes Day Fatigue

Lack Of Sleep.

According to many, this is the NO.1 reason for feeling tired during the day. Most of us stay up till late staring at screens. This is a worldwide problem with an easy solution. Ban all devices except for an old-fashioned alarm clock in your bedroom. Get your 8-hour sleep by all means.

Eye strain.

This is another major cause of daily fatigue in otherwise healthy individuals. Getting our eyes and brain blasted by white light all day causes our brain and eyes to overwork and drain energy in the process.

Lack of proper fuel.

You've heard this a million times. Too much fat and sugar or an imbalanced diet will cause you to get tired a lot quicker.


This is another common cause. Check with your physician to see if you're anemic.


Among many side effects, depression can cause fatigue, loss of appetite, and headache.

These are the most common reasons behind lunchtime fatigue. However, there are many more factors that can contribute to fatigue:


  • Caffeine overload
  • Diabetes
  • UTI or Urinary Tract Infection
  • Dehydration
  • Heart Disease
  • Food allergies


And more ...

How To Boost Your Energy Without Pills, Caffeine, Running, Pumping Iron ....


1. Turn Sleep Into Your No.1 Fitness Regime 

Give yourself a dedicated time for sleep. Make sleep your top priority. If I can do it as a working single Dad …, then, I’m sure you can too. Turn off the devices and hit the bed.



2. Soothe Your Eyes And Brain With An Eye Massager Before Bed.

Our eyes get constantly bombarded by white light from laptops and phones all day. Give them a shiatsu-style massage with an eye massager. The Vortix eye massager uses hot air compression to massage the acupuncture points that help relax the nerves and muscles around your eyes. An eye massager is great for anyone staring at screens for long hours.


3. Yoga And Meditation

Get into a routine of light yoga and meditation regularly. This is a complete game-changer. It will spike your energy level and mood and send it through the roof. Yoga and meditation offer huge science-backed health benefits that are unmatched by anything else.

4. Weekly Sauna Detox.

This should not be seen as a luxury but a must. Now, you can have your personal sauna in the form of a blanket. An infrared sauna blanket offers the same muscle relaxation and detox as traditional saunas but from the comfort of your bed (without heating the room). This helps wake up fresh filled with vitality and vigor.

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