2022 Best Fitness Habits That You Can Start Now

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2022 Best Fitness Habits That You Can Start Now
Posted on
23 Sep, 2022
Vortix Technology
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If there's one thing that fitness coaches love to sweep under the rug, it's simple healthy habits that don't require a fancy gym membership or a state-of-the-art interactive home-gym subscription. Often drowned under the noise of fitness regimes and wellness books lie the core of healthy living - everyday healthy habits. The bodies that you admire in glossy magazines, YouTube videos, and Insta stories are often the result of simple daily routines that require no fancy gym or equipment. Blaming our DNA has a shelf life. The truth is most men and women are lucky to be able to shape their minds and body for a better life.

Let's start here with a clean canvas. Remove the cliches and hardwired beliefs instilled by the media and fitness moguls. Understand that a one-off BK Whopper won't pack in pounds or put you out of shape. Nor will a portion of tuna salad melt the fat away. Fitness and empowerment are the results of healthy habits. So, let's clear the cache and start with some of the most simple and empowering fitness habits.

Tip for success: Always start small. Begin with one routine, then once it becomes a habit, move to another one. Slowly, forming new habits becomes a habit itself.

Tend To Your Eyes

Nothing gets more neglected in the fitness industry than the eyes, and yet it's the sensory organ we love to use the most. Keep your eyes healthy. Cut down on screen time to give your eyes a break from the harsh white lights. Spend time gazing at nature and let your lenses immerse in natural light.


The muscles around your eyes need a massage as much as your back and shoulder muscles. This is hugely relaxing. You can pick one of the best eye massagers and enjoy a shiatsu-style compression massage to soothe your eyes. An eye massager does a lot more. It's great for all those with dark circles, eye bags, and red eyes. A good eye massager is one of the best tools for anyone with tired eyes. For yoga practitioners like me, it works as a meditative tool and an eye lift.

Rise And Shine Early

Start the day on the right foot. Wake up early. Research suggests that the most successful people on earth are dawn catchers. This won't be easy for (or even recommended) for those who cannot fall asleep till late. You still need a good night's sleep. So, pack your devices, hit the sack early, and wake up with the world.

Some of the outstanding benefits are:

  • Improved mood
  • Better concentration
  • Lower chance of obesity and other chronic diseases

Focus on Better Sleep

Waking up early does not equal sleeping less. To form a habit of rising early, make sure you hit the bed early enough to catch a good night's sleep. Sleep is a miracle worker. The body heals and replenishes while in our slumber. The benefits of a deep snooze are countless. Here are a handful of surprising benefits.

- Enhances your mood
- Gives you a healthier heart
- Steadier blood sugar
- Weight control
- Fighting germs

DO NOT GO OVERBOARD: Sleep requirement varies but anything over 9 hours is not recommended. Shoot for 7-8.

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