How To Use An Eye Massager

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Vortix white Eye Massager
Posted on
07 Mar, 2022
Vortix Technology
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When you dash late into your office at 9.27 after a heavy night, one thing is guaranteed to give away your all-nighter owl lifestyle - your eyes. You can hide everything else under expensive makeup but your tired puffy eyes. It hardly matters whether you’ve been up all night binging Netflix with Merlot, partying with Tequila shots in Soho, or been trying to finish a project, you’ll still be hit with dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. So, is there a way to save your face after an all-night binge? Could you hide the damage in front of your boss with a quick recovery? The good news is that you can. A quick Asian-style at-home eye massage can soothe and smoothen stressed and tired eyes in minutes. Here’s how you do it.

First Thing

Next time before rushing to work with coffee and Tylenol breakfast, try an eye massage after your shower before you jet off. Give yourself a couple of minutes with an eye massager. It’s a device that does what it says. It massages your eyes to relax the skin, muscles, and tissues around your eyes. Consequently, the massage also relaxes your facial muscles and forehead. So, you might not need the aspirin at all. All this while smoothening out your tired eyes.

Will any eye massager do?

Some massage is better than no massage. But we’re talking about your precious eyes here plus your beauty. I suggest you invest in an eye massager designed and manufactured by a reputed company that’s approved by FDA. If possible, avoid all low-quality eye massagers, period. If you love bargains (like me), get them on clothes and shoes but nothing that you apply directly on your skin or eyes. Or wait for a great Holiday deal on a quality eye massager.

How To Use Your Eye Massager

This is simple. But there are still rules to follow. Deep cleanse your face if you can. This will unclog those pores and leave you with fresh skin for the maximum benefit. Eye massagers like Vortix come with built-in relaxing music. Pick one or choose your own relaxing tune. Avoid all loud commercial music. You can go music-free into deep silence. Turn off your gadgets and pick your personal space where you can lounge or lie down without being distracted for the next few minutes. Once you’re ready, turn on the eye massager and …… do nothing.

It’s recommended you start with 3 slow, long breaths - long inhalation filling up your lungs and long slow exhalation, completely emptying your lungs. Then resume normal breathing and relax. If your mind gets bombarded with to-dos and worries - then, just let it be. It’s normal. Don’t fret, the massager will still be doing its work - the circulating warm air compression around your eyes will eventually calm your mind too. It can quite possibly lull you to sleep too (so have your alarm on).

But when you wake up out of the relaxing trance, you’ll feel refreshed, vibrant, and ready for the day. Now walk into your boss’ office with eyes to impress.
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