The DIY Massage That Reduces Eye Bags And Wrinkles

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Vortix White Eye Massager
Posted on
18 Mar, 2022
Vortix Technology
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Although it may not look like it, glamor stars and celebrities deal with puffy eyes just like so many. And not just that they face the same unfortunate problem with wrinkles and fine lines that go along with tired eyes. However, they have a trick up their sleeves that you don’t. A simple daily eye massage. A shiatsu-style eye massage can help minimize the damage and lift years off your eyes. And if you don’t want to shell out half your wage on a qualified face masseur, then you can get an eye massage tool to do the job for you - every night before slumber. But first things first. Before doing any beauty DIY, understand what’s causing the damage and take actions to reduce or even eliminate the cause.

Step One. Take Precaution To Reduce Eye Strain

While eyes may be the window to your soul, it’s also the rat-trap for the stud across the bar. Want to make an instant connection before others even get a chance? A study shows seventy percent of men fall for eyes before anything else. And if you haven’t noticed, your eyes are your lenses to the world and your loved ones. So, focus (no pun intended) on eye wellness before anything else.

The leading cause behind eye strain in our modern world is white light that’s emitted from phones and computers. Our eyes are not trained to tackle harsh white light for hours on end every single day. Choose clear vision and eye beauty over your gadget and Netflix, YouTube streams. When you absolutely have to use the computer or phone for a prolonged period, lower the screen brightness, switch to dark mode, or turn on Night Mode (both Mac and PC offer this feature).

Next, make sure to get plenty of shut-eye time at night and if possible a quick one during the day. And look after what you eat. A good diet goes a long way for better vision and eye beauty.

Vortix Eye Massage Tool. Make Those Gorgeous Eyes Pop

This high-tech white gadget that resembles a VR headset is in reality an eye massage tool. It’s designed to use air pressure and gentle heat to massage and target acupoints to relax the tension around your eyes. These are perfect for everyone who works long hours in front of the computers, at sites, and even for students. The foldable eye massage tool is super portable and you can slide it in easily in your handbag or hip pocket. And here’s how you get your daily eye beauty care.

At night, wash your face and remove all makeup. During the day or at work, you can leave them on. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed and turn off all distractions. Give yourself at least 5-10 minutes. But less like 2-3 minutes is still good, and better than nothing. Next place the Vortix eye massager over your eyes, plug into a relaxing tune, disconnect from all to-dos - and enjoy your eye relaxation massage. Let go of all your thoughts and worries while you enjoy the shiatsu-style eye massage. As you relax, the eye massager gently kneads and rubs the soft tissue and muscles around your eyes, rejuvenating them - leaving you looking and feeling refreshed after the massage. And there you are, you have the secret to celebrity Beauty-DIY for long-lasting gorgeous eyes.
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