These Natural Dark Circles Remedies Are Better Than Peels

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04 Jan, 2022
Vortix Technology
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While some ladies cherish the gothic charm of dark shadowy under-eye circles, most prefer theirs to look visibly brighter and smoother. Earlier this month I asked a dermatologist what her clients’ biggest beauty bugbear is. I knew her clients ranged from Hollywood celebs, fashion divas to working moms. Her reply came as a little surprise. She sighed, “The one that features at the top of the list is dark circles”. In our day and age, this is the most striking beauty woe of all. These dark patches not only make us look tired but it’s a telltale sign of people under high stress, poor diet, or full-blown physical fatigue. Not a feature you want as your wingman on a date night.

What causes dark circles?                                                                                                 

These dark circles, often accompanied by bags or puffiness can have many contributing factors. We’re going to list out the most common ones.

Sleep deprivation, overblown fatigue, or just staying up late past normal bedtime can cause dark circles to form under your eyes. This can cause the skin to go dull and pale, allowing for dark tissues and blood vessels beneath your skin to show.

This is a natural aging process. As one gets older, skin gets thinner and under-skin dark vessels can become more visible.

Eye strain
Regular Netflix binging or staring at the computer screen for long hours causes significant eye strain. This can cause blood vessels to swell or enlarge, and darken surrounding skin.

Allergic reactions and eye dryness can trigger dark circles. Seasonal allergies make your body release histamines that lead to dilated blood vessels causing the areas under your eyes to become bigger and darker.

This is one of the biggest contributing factors to dark circles. This inherited family trait can be noticed in early childhood which may accentuate with age or disappear completely.

Natural Dark Circle Treatments That Are Better Work Faster

Before you rush to your doctor, buy an eye massager, or start looking up eye lift procedures, several natural remedies may help you remove those pesky dark circles. These natural fixes don’t cost much or anything at all but take a serious commitment to self-care. Friends media might have told you that self-care is about putting on Insta-shoot-worthy yoga pants and tank tops … but uh that's not the case. Here's how you can practice true self-care to eliminate unwanted dark circles under your eyes.

Exhaustion and a lack of sleep thereafter are top runners for tired eyes and dark circles. They can also make skin paler, making dark circles appear darker. A good self-care regime starts with proper rest and sleep hygiene. A regular 7-8 hours solid sleep is often enough for most to lighten up their eyes and make the dark patches disappear.

Eye Massager
This is perhaps the most effective of all of us for eye care. An at-home eye massager is a must-have tool for us these days. A good shiatsu eye massager will gently massage the areas around your eyes, relaxing the delicate muscles, tissues, and vessels.

At night, when you go to bed, stuff extra pillows under your head to reduce the puffiness of fluid pooling in your lower eyelids.

Cold is a miracle cure, we all know it. Dilated blood vessels can darken the area under your eyes. A cold compress can constrict the blood vessels and brighten up the dark area.

Sun Protection
Now, the sun is good for you, and so is a tan and Vitamin D. But if you have dark circles or puffy eyes, then reduce or eliminate sun exposure to your face. When going out, wear sunglasses that block UV rays.

Some over-the-counter moisturizers can actually help you with dark circles. Look for the ones that contain caffeine, vitamin E, aloe, hyaluronic acid, and/or retinol.

Advocates of natural beauty suggest cold thick slices of cucumbers as the ultimate cure for dark circles. Place refrigerated cucumber slices on the dark circles for about 10 minutes. Then rinse the area with water. Repeat this treatment twice a day.
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Vortix White Eye Massager

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