Can Infrared Saunas Actually Help You Lose Weight?

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Vortix Infrared Sauna Blanket
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04 Mar, 2022
Vortix Technology
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In case you’re late to the craze, infrared saunas are popping up everywhere with claims so wonderful that they’re hard to pass by. Can you really sweat out the excess fat? For those who are new to infrared sauna blankets, these are blankets that help you sweat at 120 to 140 degrees with the help of infrared heat. Is it like a traditional sauna? Close, but they do have their differences. Traditional saunas that you’re used to in spas use a cloud of humid steam to induce sweat and that has many proven benefits. The principle is the same with infrared saunas, however, instead of heating up the room, it uses infrared to warm your body directly. So back to the main question, do infrared saunas help you lose weight? Here’s the truth.

Infrared Sauna Blanket: Can You Sweat Out Your Fat?

Infrared sauna aficionados claim that the benefits are many, including detoxification from toxins and heavy metals, clearer skin, quick muscle recovery, and better sleep. But some go a step further to claim that infrared sauna blankets can actually help sweat out excess fat.

Hold your horses before you cancel your gym membership and decide to replace the workout with heat therapy. There are some indications that infrared sauna blankets may help lose weight. Healthline says, “There is a tiny bit of weight loss happening while you’re in the sauna. That’s because you’re sweating off water weight”. But that surely means that once you start drinking water and rehydrating, you gain back that weight. But that’s not all, there’s more.

Some others like Koanna suggest something far beyond. They claim sweating can help flush toxins and impurities along with heavy metals such as copper, nickel, and mercury. They claim this helps clear the lymphatic system and helps burn fat more effectively, giving you a boost in energy and speeding up weight loss. They cite a small study in Binghamton University saying - “After four months, those who used the sauna had up to a four percent drop in body fat compared to the control group whose body fat did not change. While this is impressive and encouraging, it’s important to note that the researchers did not control the participants’ exercise or diet outside of the experiment, so it’s hard to say what was the true cause of their weight loss.”

Should You Hit The Heat? What We Say

Infrared sauna blankets are a relatively new thing. Studies and researches are too far and few in between to prove the health benefits of these heat-treat blankets. The little study that has been done point to many possible benefits - and some weight loss may happen due to better sleep, higher energy, and overall wellness through detox. But even then, to lose fat, you’ll still have to maintain a good level of exercise and workout on top of sauna detox. Don’t expect to drop all the excess pounds with just a refreshing sauna session.

It’s highly possible that infrared sauna blankets can aid overall wellness and that itself can help lose weight along with a healthy lifestyle. So, as much as I love the refreshing feeling my sauna blanket gives me, I still try to close all my fitness rings on my Apple watch on a regular basis.
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