Part 2: Fitness Apps And Devices That’ll Dominate 2022

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Vortix Infrared sauna blanket
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30 May, 2022
Vortix Technology
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If part one of this series made you sit up and rethink your fitness strategy then wait till you read this. In the previous article, we focused heavily on devices that are pre-established in the wellness scene. The Vortix Eye Massager and Apple Watch have already become household names in the wellness circle. And then we saw the stylish Oura ring that has the potential to overthrow heavy contenders with its incredible health sensors that pick up vital health data while sitting snugly on a finger.

In this episode, we’ll shift our focus towards tech that can help us unwind and destress in a stressful world. Stress is a major global problem and has taken the shape of an epidemic. It’s a major health concern and tech companies are weighing in along with medical professionals to help people lead a stress-free life.


This mobile app is the Editor’s Choice at both App Store and Google Play. It’s a mindfulness app that comes with a huge selection of guided meditations - both for beginners and intermediate meditators. People from all over the world have lauded this app. It’ll help you learn to meditate in a soothing, calming way, led by Tamara Levitt with her beautiful, soft wispy voice that everyone seems to love. The app is easy to follow and can help turn novices into seasoned meditators.

They offer structured lessons and Master Classes that are all included within the subscription. The annual subscription fee of $70 might seem steep to some but it’s a lot cheaper (and better) than most classes. One of their most popular features is the ‘Bedtime Stories’ that can lull you to sleep in minutes.

Vortix Sauna Blanket

Every turn you take within the wellness circle, you’ll hear people’s tongues wagging about the new infrared sauna blanket. It’s everywhere. And if you haven’t heard about sauna blankets, then don’t worry, here’s what you need to know. Sauna therapy is a great way to detox and unwind. Saunas have been used for thousands of years for their many therapeutical benefits and are still popular today. However, you no longer need to visit spas, hotels, and resorts to enjoy a steamy, sweaty detox session.

The Vortix sauna blanket helps you get a calming, detox session at home with infrared heat. It helps you sweat out body toxins and destress without heating your room. After work or on weekends, just roll out your sauna blanket and relax into a detox zone.

MyFitness Pal - iOS, Android & Web App

MyFitnessPal has been rocking the chart within the health and fitness circle for a while now. It’s received top acknowledgments from editors, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts for its seemingly unlimited potential. It’s an app to meet all your fitness goals and integrates with over 50 other apps and devices to sync and bring everything under one roof.

It’s a colossal food database that can count your daily calorie intake. It also has a restaurant logger to make sure all calories are accounted for. This is a priceless app for all of us who’ve been blissfully ignorant about our food and over-eating into oblivion. The app gives you a detailed snapshot of what you’re eating and where you should cut and what you should add to your diet. This will be a must-have app to have in 2022.

Stay tuned for part 3, the final part of Fitness Apps and Devices That’ll Rule 2022. Here, you’ll get to meet the real runners for the top prize.
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