Say 'Goodbye' To Puffy, Itchy and Irritable Eyes

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18 Jun, 2021
Vortix Technology
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According to traditional wisdom, when your eyes are hurting, itchy, red, or puffed up like pillows, you need to turn away from your screen, take a break, walk in the park, close your eyes for a bit and enjoy nature's melody ... all which helps. However, in our hectic day-to-day life with over-pouring 'to-dos', this is barely feasible. Everything in life demands a screen - from simple emailing, getting in touch with a friend to staying updated with the latest news, shopping, and work. Your eyes barely get any off-screen time. The result, as we all know, is eye fatigue.

Studies show that our current digital lifestyle and heavy-screen usage can lead to:

  • Eye fatigue – Your eyes can get weary from heavy use which may cause double vision, headaches, and lack of focus.
  • Dry and irritated eyes – Since we blink less when staring at our screens, they can become dry and irritated. This can lead to blurred vision.
  • Loss of focus flexibility – It's not just age that causes dimming optical focus, but uncontrolled screen-time can impact our ability to focus on things at a distance in a blink
  • Nearsightedness – This can be caused when we deprive our eyes of natural daylight. 
  • Retinal damage – Studies show that blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina. This can lead to early age-related macular degeneration,

So, how can we better look after our eye health and begin a habit of eye-wellness? Is it possible to take a 5-minute break at the office or home and give your eyes a relaxing health boost? It looks like there is.

The New Age Of Eye Health & Wellness

Historically, we've seen, whenever there's a problem, humankind invariably comes up with ingenious solutions. Challenges to inventions. So, it was only a matter of time before we came up with a solution for eye fatigue.

Say Hello to Vortix Eye Massager. It's time to give your eyes some therapeutic spa care. It looks like a Virtual Reality gaming headset that in reality transports you to a healing world of stress-free eyes. Vortix Eye Massager uses kneading, trigger point therapy with oscillating pressure, and rhythmic percussion for gentle eye massage.

There are built-in air-heating pads that provide a comfortable temperature for your eyes between 104 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit. The new intelligent air pressure system combines with the heated massaging technology to deliver a relaxing and therapeutic experience. This is great for relieving eye fatigue, puffiness, dry eyes, itchy and red eyes. There's also a clever feature that allows you to enjoy the gentle massage with relaxing sounds of nature for true spa vibes.

Do Eye Massagers Actually Work?

Users claim that using it even during short breaks at work or home, eye massagers provide a refreshing experience. Studies are currently in place to learn more about the efficacy of this therapy. From general user experience, we've learned they do actually 'feel pretty good' to use. To end with a personal note, if it helps me keep looking at my screen and more screen and more .. then it's worth having one of these portable eye massagers in my carry-on.
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