Why I’m Gifting Every Friend This ‘Eye Massager’

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Vortix Eye Massager
Posted on
01 Apr, 2022
Vortix Technology
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There are a few places Valerie feels more at home than her bed relaxing her eyes - removed from the cameras and tungsten backlights, the todos, and motherhood. Her latest social media post shows how she enjoys her garden with shut eyes and wearing what looks like a VR headset from a Sci-Fi movie. It's not a gaming headset, neither is it an eye-lift gadget from her makeup team. It's the latest thing in eye care and beauty. From models, A-lister celebs, athletes to everyday Moms - everyone in the knowhow seems to be sporting one of these for a quick eye lift and destress. “I’m crazy about these eye massagers .. I’m gifting every friend one of these for Christmas”, giggled Valerie.

So, how does it work? Does it relieve dry irritable eyes? What about red, puffy eyes? Are there any science-backed health benefits? I’ll answer all those questions in a minute. First here’s why you might consider getting one.

Eye Care Is Essential, Not Optional

We're all burning the midnight oil staying up trying to finish that important project or helping out a friend with her drama on phone. The fact is, we're constantly staring at screens. Our eyes are working overtime in front of glaring white light. When staring at the screen we blink less or not at all. This causes our eyes to get dry, red, and itchy. On top of that, sleepless nights and daily stress show in our eyes and out arrive the fine lines.

Did you know, a study shows 80% of men are attracted to women’s eyes more than any feature? Yep, even more than a nice tush. And that's the part most women (and men) ignore the most - keep them cloaked under makeup and Gucci sunglasses. If you're thinking of a new beauty regime, start with some eye TLC.

Eye Massager For Vibrant Eyes

I’ve been using the Vortix eye massager machine for seven months and I can’t live without it. It uses warm air pressure and gentle acupuncture point vibration that feels really soothing and I often doze off super relaxed. It’s also got built-in music players with relaxing zen tunes. However, I plug my own meditative music into the headwear. It really helps loosen my sibai points, temples, and sinuses. It also stops me from getting dry, red eyes, and dark circles. The paddings are soft and breathable and sit comfortably on your eyes. You can adjust the headband to suit your comfort. A 5-minute session before night-night or first thing in the morning makes all the difference. If nothing, this eye massager will help you sleep better. There are pros and cons like all other devices.

  • Portable and can carry anywhere with me. Helps to get a relaxing eye massage during work break. 
  • Has an auto-on-off function. Means you can just drift off if you want to. 
  • Infrared heating applies uniform warm massage 
  • Long battery life and standard USB-C charging
  • Bluetooth allows mobile connectivity. Play music straight from your playlist


  • A bit pricey for some

  • Need to charge daily 

  • White color is difficult to maintain

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